Five Secrets to Setting the Perfect Seaside Table

obx furniture wine glassesIt doesn’t happen often. You can breathe because stress is a thing of the past. It’s the one time of year when family and friends come together to relax and (gasp) sit down to dinner together. Suddenly you are reminiscing about a time when the young you had an official job: setting the table, clearing the table, or helping with the dishes.

Even in the most exquisitely decorated beach houses, all of this catching-up seems to happen in the kitchen. But, what are the important ingredients?

  • an Outer Banks cottage
  • friends and family
  • minimal elbow room
  • free-flowing spirits and
  • generous wine glasses for cheering.

If you supply the friends and family, your friends at Outer Banks Furniture have the perfect vessels for cheering. Whether you are just popping in to give quick hugs, or you are nursing a sunburn you’ve been working at all week, the feeling of being with the ones you love can’t be beat.

You will all leave, but you’ll be back.  That’s worth a “Cheers.”