Embroidered Pillow Talk

seahorse pil_clipped_rev_1

Since I was a little girl vacationing at the beach, I’ve had an affinity for all things embroidered. I remember thumbing through my mother’s old Town and Countrys while my toes sifted the sand, dreaming of my embroidered fantasy sitting room-or my veranda overlooking the infinity pool-chaise lounges with stitched pillows my mother would never let me near with my wet locks. Color would pop from every direction. I would have the most luxurious fabrics and exquisite threads.

Think high-end pillows are beyond your reach? Think again. And the best part is you choose what we embroider.  If you can imagine it, we will create it.  Some of the most satisfying orders for us are the ones that customers dream up. When you give a custom embroidered pillow, you can be sure the recipient will smile each time she sees it.  kitchin pillow_clipped_rev_2

Celebrate a move, a wedding, a new job. Create from the heart.  Forego the mall. We will help you create the perfect personalized pillow that will be cherished for years to come.