Embroider This

I’ll admit it. There is no porous material I look at and don’t wonder with wide eyes, “What could I embroider on that?”  I don’t exactly succumb to Reese Witherspoon’s self-proclaimed mantra, “If it’s not nailed down, monogram it.” I do think there is a point where a woman should embrace her sense of self and thus not need initials on everything she owns.  I also grew up in monogrammed fair isles and dickies, so I know my limits.

Embroidery is much more than initials, however.  Dating back to the 5th-3rd century BC in China, the basic stitches have not changed.  What has, critics say, is the attention to detail and the perfectionism of its craftsmen.  Anyone can call up, order a machine, and call herself a monogramming business. But, when you find the person who will toss a pillow in the trash because it doesn’t measure up to her own couch-then you stick with her.

That’s Allie June. We stand for something more than initials.  We are exquisite designs and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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